Unheard Before The Wake EP

by Unheard Before the Wake

Empire Paved In Blood Lyrics

We are slaves to a parliament of whores

Drunk on the stench of death they cheer for fictitious wars

Who is this foe that stands before me, surely no different just wants to be free

Enchanting the hearts of thousands, a live event of shared pain and brutal death


Gladius in hand

I lung forward

Feet hitting blood soaked sand

My emotions numb in of what I've become


How can we carry on living this way

Cheering the madness while cities decay

Choking on death till nothing is left

We sit idly by and watch thousands die

Christians in thousands fed to the lions

The killing of thieves no mercy nor reprieve

I procure my blade and blindly obey

Numbing the madness of the

Empire paved in blood


I shall vanquish all who stand in my way


Now that the crowds have gathered and gone

Now that the blood stained chalice is won

I kneel heart beating and broken in the light of the sun

With the feeling of guilt